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The American Dominique has a rich and exciting history. From humble beginnings on the dung heaps of the Colonists the Dominique survived to become the very symbol of durability, productivity and self-reliance.

In today’s modern era it is fitting that this American icon continues to attract interest. Much of the information on various web sites is ambiguous, misleading or simply rewrites of my original documents, therefore I am making these pages available to those seeking information.

If you are searching for stock, please do not contact me as I have not been the secretary of the Dominique Club of America for several years.  Check the Contact and Sources page for contact information.

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Javas and Dominiques are good breeds, but it seems they are destine to sink into oblivion, a fact deeply regretted by men now grown gray in the work of building up the money-making breeds of American fowls.   - from Wickstrum’s Book of Poultry (1910)

The American Dominique is America's oldest breed! Around 1915 Dr. Harwood kept a breeder flock of over 500 Dominique hens.